About Sal


Actor Sal Vance is best known for his roles in Amazon Prime’s psychological thriller “SYN,” TBS’ comedy “The Guest Book,” and the sports-drama feature “Going Vertical.” He’s also an accomplished author, public speaker, and inspirational mentor to urban youth and teens.

Vance grew up on the seedy streets of Philadelphia. As a child he faced both physical and mental abuse, homelessness, poverty, and near starvation. But growing up destined to be a statistic was never Sal’s plan, who found faith and a future in God. Ultimately overcoming the insurmountable odds, Vance not only achieved his goal of playing college basketball, but also went on to play professionally.

Vance relocated to Los Angeles and returned to school to secure his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies before entering the world of acting where he quickly made a name for himself through various roles in films, commercial and music videos. But there was an urge to do more. The countless lessons he’d learned yet remained within, and he yearned for a way to get them out. And so he set upon detailing the journey in the autobiographical account “Say No More.”

The release of his book was an inspiration to so many, and the feedback so positive, that it prompted another question in Vance’s mind: How could he further help those with similar hardships? And thus came about his most passionate project to date: personal mentorship.

Today Vance imparts the lessons of a difficult past to auditoriums full of troubled teens and inner-city youth, inspiring them to step up and change their circumstances and create a brighter future – an endeavor which is not only is deeply rewarding to Vance, but also a virtual calling.